Questions For Solar Companies

It can be expensive to install a solar panel system in a home or business. Although solar panels can save you money on energy, it is still a significant investment that requires careful research and some risk. There are many ways to cut down the cost of solar panels. The right questions will help you make the best choice, install them correctly, and maintain your system.

Consider researching a company with a good reputation before you ask questions. It is important to check online reviews and find someone who will be available for a consultation that is not rushed. These are the top questions to ask a solar panel installation company:

Are You Using Any Contractors?

It is important to ensure that the company you work with does all of their installations. Many solar panel companies handle all aspects of the installation themselves. Many solar panel companies will finance upfront, then handle the supply of labor and source of the supply. While contract labor is often cheaper than hiring a company, you won’t be working with solar experts throughout the process. Contractors can pose inherent risks. You might be left with unfulfilled promises by a solar company.

Solar System Parts And Labor

You will need to cover the labor and parts of your solar system. There are many external factors that can cause the system to fail after it is installed. Inexperienced installers can cause problems with efficiency and a lack of guarantee about the output of your system. You don’t want to put your new solar energy system in danger. Instead, choose a company that offers a labor warranty for your solar panels. Many solar panel installers offer warranties that cover parts, labor, and repairs.

How To Choose The Right Manufacturer

It is important to find out more information about the manufacturer and the source of the panels. This is a crucial aspect of solar panel installation that is often overlooked. While Tier 1 and high-efficiency solar panels are often mentioned, panels made from reliable manufacturers will most likely be covered by a warranty. They have been tested for efficiency and other aspects. You can find out more about the company by visiting the website. This includes information on which solar panels have the best specifications, as well as the wiring and inverters. These details are not available to the public if your installer uses solar cells that aren’t widely known.

What Is The Company’s Business History?

An excellent choice is a solar company that has been around for many years. These companies have been around for a long time and have an excellent track record in installations, maintenance, repairs, and other services.

Timeline: Ask About It

An installation of solar panels does not need to take too long. Solar panel installation can take anywhere from 3-12 months. There will be a backlog of jobs, difficulty finding the right parts, and a delay in getting them installed. It may be a good idea to look for a new company if you find yourself facing timelines that exceed six months. An installer who is more than nine months behind the deadline could indicate that they have taken on too much.

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