How to Choose Quality Teak Furniture

On this occasion, we share how to choose quality teak furniture. For colleagues who intend and want to buy teak wood, it doesn’t hurt to read our article as a reference. Furniture or often called furniture is equipment in the house that includes all items that are used to sit, lie down or store cups.

Examples of furniture or furniture include tables, chairs, sofas, beds and cabinets. The term “furniture” actually comes from the word “movable” which means to be able to move. Meanwhile, the term furniture comes from French, namely ‘fourniture’ with the origin of the word fournir which means home / room furniture.

If new colleagues buy a new house or finish building a house but there is no furniture in it. to recommend what kind or what kind of furniture should be available.


Sofa and Guest Table

For the purposes of welcoming guests, it is recommended that it be made of wood so it is more sturdy and durable.

Comfy bed

Choose a soft mattress and a comfortable bed.

Dining table

The dining table is usually often associated with a symbol of family harmony. Then there should be yes

Kitchen cabinets

Useful so that all kitchen furniture is neatly stored.


Useful so that all clothes are stored neatly so that it can be easier if you want to wear them again and not scatter.

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Choosing Quality Teak Furniture

Quality teak wood has a better quality than mahogany. Furniture made of teak wood is very sturdy and cannot be eaten by termites or rats. This makes teak wood is good.

Here’s how to choose quality teak furniture from me

We recommend that you avoid teak furniture whose surface has many holes Why avoid that many holes? Because in this hole there is usually an insect house that is connected to one another. And because of the insect house it often causes powder on the wood. With this hole, the inside of the furniture is porous even though the outside looks sturdy and strong.

Choose furniture that has a sturdy and symmetrical construction

Choose carefully and carefully because considering the price of teak furniture is quite expensive. And choose a symmetrical shape because it contains an element of beauty.

Choose the finish that looks good and smooth

Because good finishing can make furniture last a long time and don’t fade quickly. We recommend that you choose those aged 20 to 30 years If the furniture uses teak wood as raw material, which is getting old, it will have a stronger construction. The characteristics of old teak are having a tighter fiber structure, very heavy weight and reddish brown in color.