Benefits Of A Water Filter System for Your Home

Did you know that 64 million Americans have unsafe drinking water? Filtering tap water was once a luxury, but now it is an accessory. There are too many contaminants in our water from factories and underground pollution. Learn more about water filter systems for your home below.

No matter how good your tap or well water may seem, there’s some level of contaminants in it. Some of these are man-made, while others are from natural surroundings. Rivers and lakes are often some of the best natural water sources, yet they still get contaminated by polluters, acid rain, and storm runoff.

Because of these factors, many homeowners are turning to whole-home filtration systems. They’re known as POE, point of entry filters, that filter the main water line. You should consider installing one of these filters, as outlined in this comprehensive guide. Do you really know what’s in your water? Let’s find out.

Foreign Contaminants in Our Water

There are various biological, chemical, and environmental contaminants in our water. Your water supply picks up these foreign bodies along the way in the supply and pipes. The farther it has to go the higher the likelihood of containing more than one of the following:


There are major disease-causing pathogens

Organic and Inorganic Chemicals

Nitrates, lead, arsenic, glyphosate, trichloroethylene, and tetrachloroethylene, and other chemicals cause cancer and other serious illnesses. Runoff from landscaping and agricultural pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides contain these compounds and many unknown.

Heavy metals and radiation poisoning are two big problems, especially in rural areas. Arsenic, lead, uranium, barium, and chromium all pose serious health risks.

Discover The Point of Entry For Your Water Supply

It’s essential to know the nature of your water supply first. Learn what contaminants you have before choosing and buying a POE solution for your home. Call your neighborhood water provider or complete your very own tests. You could also contact an expert, like one of Hiller’s project managers for a free water filtration consultation.

The water may look clean to the naked eye, but it will still contain chlorine and possibly deadly toxins.

Fluoride And Other Concerns

Chlorine requires an activated charcoal filter for removal. Fluoride requires an activated aluminum cartridge or ion exchange system. The same goes for perchlorates and nitrates.

As you can see, they all require a different filter to remove successfully. Your average filtered pitcher won’t have all of these capabilities. Fluoride is a hot topic for this reason.

Some families prefer not to drink or get exposed to fluoridated water from their tap. Only a reverse osmosis system can efficiently and thoroughly protect everyone from exposure. Remember, many contaminants are absorbed through inhalation.

When water runs through the tap or the shower, water droplets become airborne. The mist is inhaled and quickly absorbed through the body. Legionnaire’s disease in Flint, MI is one example of an invisible and deadly airborne contaminant.

Chemical Leftovers

Cities use chlorine to treat water and kill off bacteria, like those that cause Legionnaire’s disease. This treated water retains some of the chlorine as it reaches your home. There are regulations in place to prevent unsafe levels from being consumed, but no one knows the long-term impact.

Rather than taking your chances, you should take the precautions needed to guarantee safe drinking. Chlorine is especially harmful to young children and babies. They are more susceptible to cancers and deficiencies.

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