Should I Trust My Tap Water?

An increasing number of Americans are distrusting tap water in the United States. According to a study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, 60 million Americans didn’t drink tap water in 2018. This was a 40% increase over 2014.

Flint’s drinking water crisis prompted consumers to question the purity of tap water. Scientists conducted independent tests that showed shockingly high levels of lead in the water, despite assurances that it was safe.

Although the Flint water crisis was widely publicized, many other cities have also struggled with lead in water systems. Washington, DC and other cities have been grappling with water emergencies.

Erik Olson is the senior director of National Resources Defense Council. He stated, “The fundamental problem in drinking water, however, is that we continue living off the investments made by our great-grandparents.” The majority of drinking water is still supplied by pipes that have been in use for decades and are treated with technology from WWI. Because they are not easily broken down and can build up in animals and people, PFAS can be found in everything, from fire-fighting foams to fast-food wrappers.

Concrete and cast iron pipes can last over 125 years. Each year, there are more then 250,000 pipe breaks in the United States. These pipes can fracture and allow pathogens to enter water supply lines, contaminating the water that goes into your homes.

Toledo was affected by the toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie. A coal processing plant also leaked chemicals from a Charleston storage tank. Residents should be cautious about drinking tap water despite the efforts of city officials.

“Dark Waters” (2018) is a film that examines the 20-year legal battle of Robert Bilott against DuPont. The Parkersburg, West Virginia manufacturing giant knew that it was releasing PFAS chemicals, which can cause cancer and other immune system problems in animals and humans. These “forever chemicals”, which are known to cause cancer, are top of many people’s concerns about tap water contamination. PFAS can be found in the bloodstream of 99.9% of people . Environmental Working Group has released an interactive map showing the extent of PFAS contamination in the United States.

Are you concerned about the chemicals found in your water?

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