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You will notice a small clip at the prime of the cartridge. You can use a flat screwdriver to loosen and take away the clip.

Learn the way to do easy kitchen repairs yourself and when to call a contractor. To maintain your sink smelling fresh and working clear pour in equal components of vinegar and baking soda on a regular basis. Our technician, Steve, communicated with us extremely properly insofar as his expected arrival time to our residence in Vancouver. We never have to question his honesty and he actually takes the time to explain the problem and provides us our best choices. Without any hesitation we would suggest Totem Appliance to all in the Greater Vancouver in want of service.

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You ought to at all times run chilly water into the rubbish disposal while crushing foods. The water makes it smoother for the system to shred them. Garbage disposals additionally require frequent use to keep away from malfunction. Replace the two O-rings on the copper base of your faucet and lube them up. Notice in the first picture the two rubber O-Rings on the copper-colored base of your faucet.

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You should have been equipped these 2 rubber O-Rings along with some lubricating grease. Either they’re separate, or they’d be situated in the box with the big spout. I nearly threw out the field with the O-Rings inside as a result of I did not see them after I removed the spout! Once the clip is off, in the next step I will present you how to use the Moen-equipped cartridge elimination tool. Now we will be removing the spout and clip that holds in the cartridge. The spout should just slide off, as you can see within the pictures. Once it’s off, you will notice just a copper-colored piece remaining with a couple of black rubber O-rings on it, and your cartridge is inside.

Then you have to unscrew the bigger sleeve underneath . Once you’ve done this, it’ll reveal a metal half which is a part of the handle mechanism kit. This is the part you can flip and tilt up and down to manage your water flow. For this job you will need a Philips head (“+”) screwdriver, a Flat-head (“-“) screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench (I use one thing referred to as a “pipe wrench pliers”). You may also need an allen-key however luckily it’s supplied by Moen .