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Another drawback has been that ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons have been used historically as blowing and foaming agents. When choosing insulation, most homeowners contemplate R-value, which measures resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher the insulation material is at reducing power consumption.

About sixty five % of U.S. homes are poorly insulated, a 2005 Harvard research estimates. Fortunately, you possibly can reduce heating and cooling payments by about 30 percent with correct insulation. Spray foam insulation is the simplest type, with a most R-value of 6.5 per inch.

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Another essential consideration should be where the insulation will go. The attic is the easiest place to insulate and an important by way of saving cash and energy. Sealing massive air leaks is subsequent, followed by insulating the basement. These days, insulation is made with everything from newspaper and sheep’s wool to cotton and chemical foams. Many are way more “green” than their predecessors-including formaldehyde-free and recycled-content insulation. Even fiberglass, that old commonplace, has improved environmentally. Installing insulation is among the most environmentally pleasant issues a house owner can do.

Cementitious foam-a nonflammable, extremely stable insulation-is manufactured from magnesium oxide derived from seawater. When dry, it is inert and shouldn’t have any impact on chemically delicate folks. Another type of foam insulation, polyisocyanurate, is a inflexible foam good for exterior retrofitting, usually on roofs, with an R-value of 6 to 7.5 per inch. “Polyiso,” because it’s known as, was previously created with ozone-depleting HCFCs as blowing agents, however the new “green polyiso” uses hydrocarbons that do not emit greenhouse gases. Foam insulation stops air leaks and can be used where other insulations cannot, similar to in foundations. However, the presence of polyurethane, a plastic, means spray foam insulation is not all pure.