8 Beautiful Vintage Garden Ideas and Decorations

Vintage garden design is a growing trend for outdoor living spaces. Incorporating fun antique pieces from inside the house into your yard gives it a unique look no one else on the block will have. Ever wondered how to get that lovely vintage look in your garden? Why hire a gardener when you can easily turn your garden into a paradise all by yourself. We show you how with quick and easy vintage gardening ideas. With time-worn furniture and nostalgic touches it’s easy to create an old-world country garden.

Wheelbarrow Vintage Garden Flower Display

An antique wheelbarrow as a centerpiece in your garden will encompass the whole vintage garden vibe even if it’s the only décor you have. Get some galvanized buckets or watering cans and place them on top. These makeshift planters will emphasize the antique feel of your garden and save space at the same time.

Upcycled Antique Sink Garden Decoration

Garden decorations don’t have to be conventional. Certain pieces will make your garden worthy of staring at, like an antique sink you thought won’t be of use anymore. You can either make it an eccentric décor without anything on it, or put some flowerpots for a more captivating look.

Vertical Herb Garden with Fun Textures

Glossy blue glass, unfinished wood, rope, metal, and greenery make this vertical garden a feast for the eyes. Growing herbs and edibles on a creative trellis is a great way to both start conversations and to eat locally sourced food. For added visual interest, try experimenting with new cultivars of your favorite herbs. Instead of planting traditional basil, go on an adventure with purple basil!

Outdoor Retreat for Small Spaces

For those who can measure their gardens in feet instead of acres, this idea pairs modern-style decor with vintage lights and terracotta pots to make a cozy outdoor sanctuary. String lights give this outdoor refuge an inviting draw and magical warmth. For more dual-purpose greenery, consider planting tomatoes or dwarf varieties of fruit bushes in containers.

Vintage Bicycle & Flower-Filled Green Glass Bottles

A sophisticated palette of whites, greens, and pinks make this landscape feature a delight to behold. Painting a vintage bicycle white — or whichever color would work best in your landscape — is a fast way to elevate it from looking accidental to intentional. While the green glass is beautiful on its own, painting the bottles white would put more emphasis on the flowers.

Cascading Flowers in a Galvanized Tub Planter

This simple idea is a great way to use vintage tubs, buckets, or containers as part of your garden landscape. To emphasize the cascading look, you could use a vining plant. If you want to give this a fairy-garden spin, try adding a small statue in the middle of the flowers. The possibilities here are only as endless as your imagination.

Classic Clock Mounted on a Reclaimed Door

Sophisticated Roman numerals and a reclaimed door combine to create a laid-back, educated farmhouse feel. To personalize this project, consider adding a monogram or your favorite saying along the edges. For ultimate refinement, translate your favorite saying into French or Latin before painting it. If you want to make this piece more useful, consider adding some shelves in the negative space below the clock.

Rusty Vintage Wheelbarrow Flower Planters

Wheelbarrows should not be always associated with dirt and cement. These wrought iron handy tools can be a worthy addition to your vintage garden. Sure, you will need dirt in it, but that is only so you can plant flowers and other pretty things. The rustic element contrasts perfectly with the charming flowers, so do not think for one moment they are not a great pair.