What Is Osmosis?

Osmosis can be described as a passive process that does not require any energy expenditure. It is the movement of molecules from one region of higher concentration into another until they reach equal concentrations on both sides of the membrane.

Any solvent, including supercritical liquids and gases, can undergo osmosis.

Let’s take a closer look at the various types and effects that osmosis can have.

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Osmotic Solutions

There are three types of solutions available:

  • Isotonic Solution
  • Hypertonic Solution
  • Hypotonic Solution

An Isotonic solution one that contains the same amount of solutes inside and outside of the cell.

A Hypertonic solution that has a higher concentration of solute outside than inside a cell.

A Hypotonic solution one with a higher solute content inside the cell than the outside.

Different Types Of Osmosis

There are two types of osmosis:

  • EndosmosisHypotonic solutions can cause a substance to become turgid, or undergo deplasmolysis. This process is called endosmosis.
  • Exosmosis- A substance placed in a hypertonic liquid causes the solvent molecules to move out of the cell, causing the cell to become flaccid or undergo plasmolysis. This process is called exosmosis.

Osmosis and Cells

Different cells are affected by osmosis. A hypotonic solution will cause an animal cell to lyse, but not a plant cell. Plant cells have thick walls that require more water. Hypotonic solutions will not cause the cells to burst. A hypotonic solution is actually ideal for plant cells.

Only an …

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